Are you on a dirt road?  
For the last 1/8 mile, you’ll be on a smooth, well-maintained dirt road. Otherwise, everything is paved.

How’s the cell phone service?   
Service is typically strong and stable for all major service providers.  

Do you have WiFi? 
Yes, Verizon WiFi is provided. It is as reliable as Verizon cell phone service, which is strong in the area.

How do I check-in? 
A few days before your stay you’ll be emailed a detailed Mobile Check In Guide. This guide includes driving directions, key codes, wifi codes, and a detailed photo walthrough to help you get smoothly settled in. 

What’s the Uber/ Lyft situation?  
There appears to be one Uber/ Lyft driver in town, and they are rarely available.

Your best bet is making arrangements with Roadrunner Car Service (760)660-9115. We would advise to book ahead of time, they have minivans for group excursions. If you are planning a group trip to Pappy & Harriet’s (about a 20 minute drive) this would be the best way to go. They know the route very very well from the ranch, as this is a very popular excursion. Do be aware that there is very limited cell service at Pappy & Harriets.

Suggested Packing List

All our properties are nature-immersed locations, do pack with that in mind.

Our paths and grounds are well-marked, however prickly things are abundant in the desert, and closed-toe shoes would be most comfortable when exploring the desert.

☐ Closed-toe shoes
☐ Warm layers for the evenings
☐ Sunblock
☐ Lotion and lip balm: The arid air can be drying
☐ A sun hat
☐ Daypack with water bottle if you are hiking
☐ Books, journals, art supplies for the hammocks and reading nooks

☐ Firewood for fires when allowed
☐ Coffee/tea
☐ Your kitchen consumables: food, cooking oil, saran wrap
☐ Your specialty cookware
☐ Drinking water if you dislike tap water. Our water comes from the local water table
☐ Board games and cards